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Marianne Cusato


Gain new perspectives on house and home by looking at real estate through the eyes of nationally acclaimed architectural designer Marianne Cusato.


The latest trends meet timeless principles in Marianne's fast paced presentations. Speaking often to homeowners, real estate professionals, builders and developers, Marianne crafts each talk to the specific audience.

Training Topics include:

Design Review and "Design Dr." Services for Homeowners

Office Design Training for Design & Construction Firms


Presentation Topics include:

Strategies for Aging in Place: Preparing for Tomorrow's Housing Needs Today


Lessons from the Katrina Cottage: Building for Disasters, Natural & Man-Made


The Just Right Home: The New Rules of Real Estate

Get Your House Right: How to Read a Building at a Glance





To book an appearance please contact:

Irina Woelfle at (772) 231-7532 or


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