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Just Right Home

"Picking the 'right home' is easier that you think. The author has lots of tips for finding the right home. And this from a woman who rents." USA TODAY


"'The Just RIght Home': a blueprint for buying a home." Chicago Tribune


"Get Your House Right is every bit as important to home building as a hammer and nails."  Fine Homebuilding Magazine

Just Right Home

The Just Right Home

Buying, Renting, Moving — Or Just Dreaming — Find Your Perfect Match!

Marianne Cusato with Daniel DiClerico


Workman 2013





It can be that argued our home is the most important emotional and financial asset.  The ramifications of making the wrong decisions are tremendous -- crippling debt, bankruptcy, heartache and undue stress on the entire family.  Thirty-seven million Americans move during any given year. Yet Trulia says 56% of renters and 50% of owners have regrets after making a move. The Just Right Home is your step by step guide to the decisions that go into choosing the perfect home - and avoiding the pitfalls along the way.


Marianne delves deep and answers every imaginable question about what to consider in The Just Right Home, Buying, Renting, Moving – or Just Dreaming – Find Your Perfect Match. Ideal for real estate professionals, homeowners and renters.

Get Your House Right

Get Your House Right

Architectural Elements to

Use & Avoid

Marianne Cusato & Ben

Pentreath, with Richard

Sammons & Leon Krier

Foreword by H.R.H. The Former Prince of Wales


Sterling 2008




Architecture is a language. Like any language it has a vocabulary and grammar. So often when you see a building that doesn't look quite right, it is because the grammar is not being used correctly.


Filled from cover to cover with over 1000 hand drawings, this book illustrates contrasting avoid and use examples of the details you need to know to Get Your House Right. Ideal for builders, designers, as well as homeowners.

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