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Can Tiny Houses Change The Housing Debate? Forbes 10.3.19

Cusato agrees that the term has, “lost its meaning,” but she thinks that it helps to “start a conversation.” Cusato cites shows like Tiny House Nation and Tiny House, Big Living as examples of the novelty of smaller houses getting people to ask, “Do I really need 5000 square feet?” 

Amazon dives into home sales with new $105K property Inman 8.27.19

“Without an understanding of the process, homeowners risk purchasing a unit that does not meet local codes,” Marianne Cusato, partner at Cypress Community Development Corporation, told “That is a lot of money to tie up while you work through permit details.”

The ugly truth about Amazon's gorgeous $100K house Houston Chronicle  8.20.19

"The perceived ease of purchasing the tiny house on Amazon is no doubt appealing, but, Cusato says, “if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.”

Tubbs fire survivors prepare to move into new cottages in Fountaingrove Press Democrat 8.16.19

The $2 million project was funded by donations from the Medtronic Foundation and Rebuild Wine Country, in addition to other fundraising efforts. It was the brainchild of Marianne Cusato, a professor of architecture at the University of Notre Dame. She first created cottages for survivors of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. She said the idea came to her after reading about shacks that were erected to temporarily house survivors of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

Going Mobile: What Can Southwest Airlines's Success Teach Housing? Forbes 7.9.19

Marianne Cusato, developer at Cypress Community Development Corp., spoke about the importance of mobility for her project with Habitat for Humanity of Sonoma County, CA. The organizations are working together on a project with nine homes for households that were displaced from wildfires.

Can Modular Homes Rebuild Paradise Post-Camp Fire?  Forbes 1.8.19

Marianne Cusato knows what they’re going through. Though she’s been designing houses for more than 20 years and teaching in the University of Notre Dame’s School of Architecture, she’s probably best known for the award-winning Katrina Cottages she created after that hurricane hammered the Gulf Coast in 2005. 

Four Solutions for Housing of the Future  NEXT CITY 12.31.18

Yet housing insecurity is seldom addressed by public policy — until disaster strikes. After the 2017 California wildfires, Cusato partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Sonoma County to lead a charge to rebuild affordable housing in the devastated region. 

Notre Dame Creates New Architecture Design Studio with Tesla Notre Dame News 11.19.18

“At its core, the new design studio is an urban planning exercise because the Gigafactory contains all of the elements of a city: police, fire, public works, offices, restaurants, etc.,” said Marianne Cusato, adjunct associate professor of architecture. “We hope the patterns we explore in this studio will have applications far beyond the course.”

Make Smart Choices When Customizing Kitchen Cabinets, Fine Homebuilding, by Marianne Cusato  10.18.18

Designer Marianne Cusato offers ideas on maximizing space and balancing aesthetic details when installing cabinets, shelves, end panels, and moldings.


Sonoma Wildfire Cottages Construction Begins in Santa Rosa The North Bay Business Journal 10.12.18

Cypress, a nonprofit specializing in disaster recovery housing programs, will oversee the building and development process. It previously built 450 “Katrina Cottages” in Louisiana after that hurricane, based on award-winning designs by Marianne Cusato, with funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and affordable-housing sources.

This Affordable Florida Keys Cottage is Hurricane-Proof and Affordable  Coastal Living 9.19.18

To design the cottages, they enlisted architect Marianne Cusato, who completed a similar model of storm-strong, affordable cottages in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Dubbed the Florida Keys Cottages, the 760-square-foot tiny homes blend various Caribbean-inspired styles to match the aesthetic of the area’s cottages.

New Florida Keys Cottages Are Storm-Proof Affordable Housing CityLab 8.27.18

“The affordable housing was extremely vulnerable, so when the storm surge came in, the houses that were housing a lot of the workforce were destroyed,” said designer Marianne Cusato. 

Want to 'age in place'? Make sure your home has these 6 things  Washington Post 8.8.18

However, many people make the mistake of waiting too long to make renovations that facilitate aging, says Marianne Cusato, an adjunct associate professor at the University of Notre Dame’s School of Architecture. “You don’t wait until you have mobility issues to make changes to your house,” she says.

Can Modular Homes Rebuild Paradise Post-Camp Fire? BUILDER Magazine 6.13.18

The cottages, which showcase three recent innovative building technologies, will be developed and designed in partnership with Marianne Cusato of Cypress Community Development Corporation, who was also the designer of the Katrina cottages after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

'Keys Cottages" are arriving in a working-class neighborhood hit hard by Irma The Miami Herald 7.3.18

The Keys cottages, as they're called, are inspired by the homes that went up across the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and dubbed the Katrina cottages. “It was geared to be the alternative to the FEMA trailer,” Cusato said. “Instead of throwing it away at the end of the need cycle, it would become a long-term asset.”

New Keys Cottages Provide One Model for Post-Irma Affordable Housing WLRN 6.11.18

The people who live there will be “the servers ... teachers, nurses, sheriffs. It’s people that work in the Keys and make the economy possible,” Cusato said. “The economy of the Keys is dependent on workers and the workers can’t afford to live here.”

Habitat for Humanity Plans to Build Cottages for Fire Surviors in Fountaingrove The Press Democrat 6.10.18

“Temporary housing is not temporary,” Marianne Cusato, an associate professor of architecture at the University of Notre Dame, told supporters who gathered last week at the medical device maker’s campus. 

Temporary Cottages Built to House North Bay Wildfire Victims  CBS Bay Area  6.7.18

Help is on the way for Wine Country wildfire victims still struggling to find housing. Don Ford reports.

In the Florida Keys Land Trust Aims to Bring Affordable Housing Back Post-Hurricane CURBED  5.11.18

“It’s exciting to have the opportunity to help out,” Cusato says. “In every disaster, there’s a silver lining. The storm, while it brought a lot of destruction, was also the catalyst for a nonprofit to help.”

Shelter from the Storm Northern California Public Media  3.27.18

Habitat for Humanity plans to construct "Sonoma Cottages" to help alleviate the North Bay's housing shortage following last October's devastating fires. Watch this KRCB video to learn more.

Safe, Affordable Kit Homes Meet Stringent Codes BUILDER Magazine  3.15.18

"Going beyond the Katrina Cottages, designer Marianne Cusato launches a resilient housing prototype for post-disaster housing needs."



Siz months after Hurricane Irma, Florida Keys residents still scrambling for affordable housing  USA Today 3.11.18

"There was a housing shortage before the storm, there was a crisis the day after," said Marianne Cusato, an affordable housing designer working on a project in the Keys.



Master Class in Moldings  Fine Homebuliding Magazine, by Marianne Cusato 1.8.18

An illustrated guide to the profiles and proper proportions of baseboards, crown, and casing.



It was hard to fid cheap housing in the Keys before Irma. Now, there's 'nothing'  Miami Herald 12.9.17

“The time to do renovation projects that will help you age comfortably in your home is when you don’t yet need those features,” says housing design expert Marianne Cusato, who prepared the HomeAdvisor Aging in Place report. “If you wait until something happens it ends up costing you more, and the work done often looks like it was quickly done.”



Remodeling Your Home for Your Golden Years  Consumer Reports 8.10.16

“The time to do renovation projects that will help you age comfortably in your home is when you don’t yet need those features,” says housing design expert Marianne Cusato, who prepared the HomeAdvisor Aging in Place report. “If you wait until something happens it ends up costing you more, and the work done often looks like it was quickly done.”



Channel your inner Trump: Develop your own property  CNBC  7.17.16

"For example, there often are rules for floor-area ratio or lot coverage, which limit the size of the structure you can place on the property, Cusato said. Homeowners who want to build a rental house on their property or turn their home into multiple units may be prohibited by community ordinances, she said."



5 questions every contractor should answer  USA Today  6.26.16

"Homeowners should look for professionals with “enough background in their trade to establish a credible track record of successful work experience,” Marianne Cusato"



At Tesla's gigafactory, a larger battle over worker pay  Washington Post  3.2.16

"Marianne Cusato, a professor at the University of Notre Dame who wrote the report, says people aren't flowing into the industry at the rate they're exiting — creating a possible systemic shortage in the future, even accounting for the risk of another construction downturn."



Bringing Young Blood to the Construction Labor Force  Builder Magazine 2.24.16

“Over the past several years, American high schools have phased out vocational programs and encouraged students to focus more on obtaining a four-year college degree — thereby reducing in-school exposure to skilled labor trades,” said Marianne Cusato, a HomeAdvisor housing expert and architecture professor at the University of Notre Dame.



HomeAdvisor: Labor shortage exacerbated by 'generational imbalance ' in construction industry  Construction Dive  2.23.16  "Marianne Cusato, HomeAdvisor expert and professor at University of Notre Dame's School of Architecture, said in the report. "By creating more educational resources such as mentorships and apprenticeships, there is a tremendous opportunity to expose younger generations to the benefits that come with being a successful craftsman and independent business owner."



Tiny Homes are Gaining Big Populatiry  WSBT 22 TV  2.3.16

"One size doesn't fit all - we may find that, in fact we will find, we're in a richer community by embracing that and creating the opportunity for everybody," said Cusato"



4 Ways to Remain Eco-Friendly During Winter  Mother Earth News  1.29.16

"Marianne Cusato, the housing advisor for, explains that homeowners can easily winterize their home by lowering their water heater temperature from 140 degrees to 120 with no ill effect."



What's Needed to Help Americans Age in Place?  Next Avenue (NPR)  10.27.15 

“These numbers suggest that, as we prepare for homeowners to age in place in the future, better-informed home service professionals could do a great service to homeowners — as well as homeowners’ daughters and other caretakers — in helping them find and access resources to make the best possible home modifications and improvements,” said Marianne Cusato, HomeAdvisor’s Housing Expert and professor of practice at University of Notre Dame’s School of Architecture."



Katrina Cottages Create Opportunities for Entrepreneurs Associated Press 8.31.15

"Cusato describes the process as deeply meaningful because it was an investment in the lives of others...She is concerned with housing in America and future preparations for natural disasters."



Five New Home Trends, by Marianne Cusato, Fortune Magazine  5.13.15

“The future of home design is looking more and more efficient, compact and customized.”



Most Valuable Home Renovations by Marianne Cusato, Fortune Magazine  5.13.15 

“It’s springtime, and therefore home buying, selling, renovating, and improving season. But before you make a move or finalize plans for renovations to your kitchen and bath—the most commonly renovated parts of the home— here’s a look at where 2015 trends are headed.”



Tiny House Movement Hits Michiana South Bend Tribune  12.30.14

Cusato, whose Katrina Cottage and other designs for homes not necessarily tiny by definition, but small, at 300 to 700 square feet, said the notion in housing that small, medium and large means “cheap,” “move-up” and “rich” doesn’t make sense when you compare it to other industries, like cars and smartphones.



NJ New Home Idea: Little House off the Parkway New Jersey Star Ledger 12.14.14

“Marianne Cusato led the design team that created the “Katrina Cottage,” the aesthetically-pleasing tiny homes used extensively through the Gulf Coast to replace FEMA trailers and replenish the permanent housing stock after the hurricane. She sees the tiny home concept as a solution to housing needs in good times and in times of disaster."



Who are the top women in real estate? Fortune Magazine 11.17.14

"Fortune’s resident real estate expert Leigh Gallagher says readers should keep their eyes on the industry’s rising crop of successful women...There’s also architect Zaha Hadid; Marianne Cusato, the author and urban designer who created the Katrina Cottages; and Sarah Susanka, pioneer of the Not So Big House movement."



10 Steps For First-Time Home Buyers Yahoo Finance 10.24.14

"Before submitting a purchase offer, request the energy bills from the past 12 months to get an idea of the average monthly cost, suggests Marianne Cusato, an award-winning designer based in Miami, Fla., and co-author of "The Just Right Home."



Miami Should Exempt Parking Requirements for Small Buildings by Marianne Cusato, Huffington Post 10.21.14

"Miami has a big decision to make about parking. What we decide will determine who we want to be when we grow up. Which sounds better to you -- a walkable city like Boston, Portland or San Francisco or an auto-dependent one like Atlanta, Phoenix or Las Vegas? It's your choice."



Emergency Housing Unit Is Unveiled in Brooklyn New York Times 6.10.14

“The trick about what we call emergency housing is that it ends up being long-term,” said Marianne Cusato, the designer whose Katrina Cottage, often called the new Sears Roebuck house, became a coveted alternative to government trailers.



Master the Miter USA Today HOME 3.14

The taller the molding the wider the molding can be, says Marianne Cusato, author of Get Your House Right: Architectural Elements to Use and Avoid.



Tiny Bathrooms + Big Ideas USA Today HOME 3.14

Marianne Cusato (designer and author of The Just Right Home: Buying, Renting, Moving - or Just Dreaming - Find Your Perfect Match!) loves IKEA vanities...



Consumer Reports -- New Ratings for Your Home by Marianne Cusato, Huffington Post 3.26.14

Is it time to fix up your kitchen, redo your bathrooms or simply add a fresh coat of paint to your house? Navigating the endless options to select the best brands for appliances, plumbing fixtures or brand of paint can be an overwhelming process.



A Glimpse of Tomrrow's Homes by Marianne Cusato, FORTUNE & CNN Money 3.05.14

As we turn the page on the recession and look to the future, the question is, Have we learned from our mistakes and are we better for our quiet time? It has been said that housing led us into the recession and housing will lead us out. Here are five trends from today's homebuilding industry and a snapshot of what is to come.



Street Smarts by Marianne Cusato, Huffington Post 1.28.14

Great streets make great places. Lousy streets result in clogged traffic and lower property values. While street design feels like a technical matter for planners and city officials, it's a topic that touches each of us quite literally every time we leave our homes.



Designer has stern words for builders and buyers alike Sarasota Herald-Tribune 11.08.13

Marianne Cusato says some home builders are getting it wrong. They have the right clients, but they are building the wrong house for them. There’s too much fixation on stone counter tops and square footage, for starters.



Five ways to avoid home buyer’s remorse Market Watch 6.24.13

Housing designer Marianne Cusato wrote a whole book, “The Just Right Home,” about how people can search their souls to find a home that’s a perfect fit.



Hurricane Preparedness: What to Consider by Marianne Cusato, Huffington Post 6.03.13

As the beginning of hurricane season blows in, residents along the Eastern Seaboard and the Gulf Coast are refreshing their emergency preparedness plans. This year, as we make sure our insurance documents are in order and buy new batteries for our flashlight, let's consider taking preparedness beyond bracing for the storm and the immediate aftermath.



How to find the home that fits your needs New Jersey Record 5.26.13

Marianne Cusato's new book "The Just Right Home" (Workman, $12.95) deals with a question that's more complicated than it might seem: Where should I live? The book mixes personal finance advice, self-help and tips for navigating the real estate market.



New book helps you find your just-right home Minneapolis Start Tribune 5.25.13

Looking for a home to rent or buy? A new book offers a blueprint for finding the perfect place.



If I only knew then what I know now! By Marianne Cusato, Huffington Post 5.22.13

You hunt and search and tour and tour. Then you make a move and live happily ever after... or so the story is suppose to go. But all to often this isn't the case. In fact, according to a recent survey by Trulia, 50 percent of homeowners and 56 percent of renters have regrets after moving homes.



How do you now you're buying the right home? CBS This Morning 5.18.13

When buying a home, the golden rule has always been "location, location, location," but there's more to it than that. And to talk about that author of "Just the Right Home: Buying, Renting, Moving or Just Dreaming -- Find the Perfect Match," Marianne Cusato joins us in studio 57.



Marianne Cusato on the American Dream Home Residential Architect 5.15.13

I braved a mist of light spring rain last week to visit the National Building Museum, where Marianne Cusato was giving a talk. The designer, best known for her work on the Katrina Cottages, has co-written a new book called The Just Right Home (Workman Publishing, $12.95).



Three Simple Steps to Finding the Right Home for You The Times of Northwest Indiana 4.27.13

As  means to that end, The Just Right Home smartly blends the essential personal finance and real estate know-how needed to successfully navigate the landscape of the housing market today. Plus, it gives you the confidence to listen to your heart and ultimately follow your gut, according to Cusato.



At Home: How to find the perfect house for you The Orlando Sentinel 4.26.13

When I was a young woman contemplating marriage, my mother used to say: You don’t just marry the man. You marry the whole family. Now I see the same maxim applies to houses: You don’t just buy the house, you buy the whole neighborhood.



A home that suits your life. Author finds 4 new rules of real estate Dayton Daily News 4.20.13

Marianne Cusato, author of “The Just Right Home: Buying, Renting, Moving — or Just Dreaming — Find Your Perfect Match!” wants you to rethink how a life fits into a home.



Finding the Perfect Home in this Market The Street 4.19.13

Marianne Cusato has written a book called The Just Right Home (Workman, 2013), echoing the Goldilocks-like search for the perfect domestic comforts. But Custato, who designed the Katrina Cottages in New Orleans post-hurricane, says people have trouble making the right real estate decisions.



Designer urges buyers to ignore conventional wisdom on homes Columbus Dispatch 4.14.13

Forget square feet. Skip resale value. And bypass location. Marianne Cusato wants buyers to think about what really matters in picking a home.



Picking the 'right home' is easier than you think USA Today 4.9.13

The author has lots of tips for finding the right home. And this from a woman who rents. Marianne Cusato is sitting on top of the world. Well, not really. But she likes to think so.



What kind of mortgage can you afford? by Marianne Cusato - Equifax Blog 4.9.13

During the housing boom, many homeowners found themselves living beyond their means as easy money skewed expectations of what they could afford. Today, being honest with the realities of the real estate market and mortgage landscape can feel like taking a step backward?



'The Just Right Home': A blueprint for buying a house Chicago Tribune 4.5.13

Most of us don't school ourselves much in the processes of finding and buying or renting a home — we just plunge right in, usually falling in love with a house or an apartment, and giving only cursory consideration to how well it fits (or doesn't) with the rest of our daily lives.



Author’s home-buying advice at Atlanta Home Show Atlanta Journal Constitution 3.18.13

If the Atlanta housing market is indeed springing back to life, potential buyers will have some serious decisions to make in the not-so-distant future.



Editor's Review: The dos and don'ts of traditional architecture Fine Homebuilding 3.7.13

It’s not often that we include a book in our “Tools & Materials” department, but if you ask me, Get Your House Right (Sterling, 2007; $15) is every bit as important to home building as a hammer and nails.



Are You Ready to be Interviewed by a Savvy Buyer? 2.12.13

Marianne Cusato—author, designer, and creator of the critically-acclaimed “Katrina Cottages”—is out with a new book aimed at house hunters....real estate professionals might find useful, especially in the getting-to-know-you part of an agent-client relationship.



It's Back! What Do Claims of a Housing Market Rebound Mean for Miami? by Marianne Cusato Huffington Post 1.30.13 Nationwide, housing starts are up, the surplus inventory of homes is being absorbed and the pressure from distressed properties is subsiding. And, while lending remains tight, low interest rates, new household formations and positive job growth have bolstered consumer confidence.



A DIY Guide to Kit Homes Mother Earth News 1.13

You can see it in your mind’s eye: that perfect house, a snug cabin nestled in the woods alongside a pond shimmering in the sun’s slanting rays. You’ve held that image in your head since you were a teenager, and now you’re finally ready to build it.



The House of the Future Popular Mechanics 11.12

Echo boomers will become not only the largest group of homeowners since their parents but homebuilders too. That shift could spell the end for stick-framed houses. "Echo boomers are going to be more open to the efficiencies of modular building," Cusato says. They will also be far more likely to use plumbing and heating systems that help save water and energy.



Women of Influence: See who made the list as housing leaders Housingwire Magazine 9.6.12

HousingWire's Influential Women of Housing 2012 special section focuses on 30 women leaders helping to shape the housing sector.



No, THIS is Why We are Fat by Marianne Cusato Huffington Post 5.9.12

When communities are designed in such a way that a dinner out, coffee with a friend, a trip to the playground, or a quick trip to the drug store are a few blocks (along a sidewalk) from homes, we easily and naturally integrate walking into our daily routine.



5-Must-Know Real Estate Trends by Marianne Cusato Huffington Post 4.5.12

With the fall of the Roman Tub, a new era of "must haves" are emerging in the world of real estate and home design. Today, value is not found on a checklist including square footage or finishes. Instead, today's value comes from a holistic view of the home,...



Housing Trends for 2012: Passing Trends by Marianne Cusato Huffington Post 2.16.12

Everyone loves a good trend story. We all want to feel in the know and on top of things. Is brown the new black? Is Wednesday the new Friday?..



The Elusive Small-House Utopia New York Times 10.17.10

Marianne Cusato, who designed the Home for the New Economy, sees it as a rebuke to the ethic of the McMansion. “We’re not going to go back to 2005,” she says. “What was built then is not going to come back, and this is not a bad thing. What we were building was so unsustainable, and it didn’t really meet our needs.”



Your Home In 2020  Forbes 4.08.10 by Marianne Cusato

Goodbye, McMansions. In 2020 we'll build for the triple bottom line: people, planet as well as profit.



Sharing Spaces: Designs That Set Boundaries  International Business Times 3.05.10

The right layout, flexibility, and agreed-on rules can bring family members of multiple generations, or even outsiders, together under one roof.



The New Economy Home Architecture 2.22.10

They didn't have to offer me the chance to win a Kindle. Even without enticement, I was eager to see the New Economy Home by architect Marianne Cusato.



Say Goodbye to the McMansion  Marketwatch 1.29.10

Times have changed, and the square footage of new American homes is dropping. Super-sized homes are out, and efficiency and versatility are in. MarketWatch's Amy Hoak reports on the latest building trends.



Foundations of recovery on display at Builders' Show in Las Vegas  Consumer Reports 1.27.10

“...innovative products were on display throughout the hundreds of thousands of square feet of exhibition space, and energy-based technology led the way..while it wasn't technically at the show, the Builder Concept Home 2010 offered a virtual tour of the future of home building.”



Tour the new dream home: it's small, virtual, affordable USA Today 1.18.10

What a difference a year makes!  The International Builders' Show, which opens Tuesday in Las Vegas, planned to showcase a huge and glamorous New American Home, as it's done in years past. Instead, it has a virtual display of the New Economy Home.


Builder Woes and ‘The Most Innovative Home Never Built Wall Street Journal 12.16.09

“Dubbed “A Home for the New Economy,” the house eschews the New American Home’s five-bedroom, eight-bathroom plan for a 1,700-square-foot model with four bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms...


Small Homes are a Big Trend ABC News 6.23.09



Making the Best of Staying Put Wall Street Journal 6.19.09

“Marianne Cusato, a Miami-based designer, included a boarding-suite option in a new concept she called the New Economy Home.”



Homes just out of reach for hurricane victims Washington Post 6.13.09

“The slender cottage design, created by New York City architect Marianne Cusato, was unveiled in January 2006 at a Florida trade show and was an instant sensation among reviewers.”



Welcome to the world of tiny homes The Independent 6.6.09

'Bigger is better' has defined American house-building for the past 50 years. But the economic downturn could be changing all that.



Americans are moving on up to smaller, smarter homes USA Today 3.17.09

"It's a return to common sense and what really matters," says Marianne Cusato, who designed the Katrina Cottage.



Small but Perfectly Formed Financial Times 2.21.09

“In the US, Marianne Cusato’s Katrina Cottages, which start at 308 sq ft and began life as emergency accommodation after Hurricane Katrina, sell in kit form at Lowe’s home centres around the country.”



Future on Display in Today's Progressive New Homes Builder 1.27.09

“Designer Marianne Cusato, creator of the Katrina Cottage, recently introduced her concept for a home for the new economy....”



A Home for the New Economy Builder 1.13.09

“Houses that morph may offer a life boat to the middle class...”



A Decades Most Remarkable Homes Wall Street Journal - 12.25.08

“And Marianne Cusato adds, "The 'more is more' mentality took over.... Developers attempted to differentiate by building a small town in your house...a media room, a café, a hair salon..."



Five Books CREATING A HOME Minneapolis Star Tribune - 12.5.08

"Get Your House Right: Architectural Elements to Use and Avoid" by Marianne a marvelous assemblage of house-building wisdom...”



10 Questions for . . . Marianne Cusato Consumer Reports - 10.24.08

“In this installment of 10 Questions for . . . , Senior Editor Daniel DiClerico speaks with Marianne Cusato...”



Designer Tells ins, outs of Homes Chicago Tribune - 1.11.08

“...Cusato, a New Yorker whose philosophy is that size doesn’t matter, shares her expertise on quality and affordable home building with two new books...”



An Iconic Guitar vs. the iPhone: It’s Your Call Washington Post 9.20.07



Simple Cottage Design Seen as Big Fix For Gulf Coast Rebuilding Effort San Diego Union Tribune 2.18.07

“In a whirlwind, life-changing year, Marianne Cusato has gone from an anonymous young designer to a key figure in the effort to resolve the regional housing crisis caused by hurricanes Katrina and Rita...”



Think Small New York Times - 2.16.07

“...This is the case for two retirees, Gail Conti and her husband, Tom, of Rockledge, Fla. Attracted to a charming porch, pastel hues and compact size, they hope to buy a 308-square-foot Katrina Cottage, originally designed for hurricane relief by Cusato Cottages...”



New York Architect Wins Award for Katrina Cottage New York Times - 1-.19.06

“Marianne Cusato, a New York architect, has won the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum’s People’s Design Award for her Hurricane Katrina Cottage, designed as an alternative to the trailers supplied by the Federal Emergency Management Agency...”



Power On 50: The 50 most influential people in home building Builder Magazine 12.12.06

“...#4 Marianne Cusato: Cusato made our list as designer of Katrina Cottage 1, a 308-square-foot emergency dwelling that actually looks like a house...”



Living Small but Living Well New York Times - 11.5.06

“Ms. Cusato’s belief — that even a small space can feel expansive, if it’s part of something larger — has informed what has become her most important project thus far: designing a series of tiny houses for victims of Hurricane Katrina...”



A stylish cottage for Katrina country is a hit all over Christian Science Monitor - 10.2.06

“The Katrina cottage - with living quarters about the size of a McMansion bathroom - is now appealing to people well beyond the flood plain...”



Gulf Coast Taking a look at New Urbanism USA Today - 8.29.06

“It's the handiwork of New York designer Marianne Cusato, who last week reached an agreement with Lowe's in which the home improvement giant will manufacture a "kit" so builders can assemble cottages on-site...”



Shrinking Down the House Time Magazine 8.14.06

“Says architect Marianne Cusato, a small-home designer who lives in a 300-sq.-ft. apartment in New York City: "It's human nature to gravitate toward something that makes you feel contained..."



Tiny cottage may be the answer San Diego Union Tribune - 2.12.06

“Trailer alternative turns heads at builders' show...”



Starting Over Chicago Tribune 1.29.06

“Cottage pitched as one small step toward rebuilding the Gulf Coast. The little yellow house may have an impact far larger than its size...”



The house that Katrina built St. Petersburg Times 1.28.06

“A little yellow cottage with a tin roof - a hit at the recent International Builders' Show - may be the future of emergency housing...”



House of Dreams Ottawa Citizen 1.21.06

“There's the $5.3-million second home for monied folks. Then there's the Katrina Cottage, a modest place that may change the Mississippi's gulf coast...”



Two Houses, Two Visions Washington Post 1.21.06

“Creature Comforts vs. 'Adorable' Efficiency At Builders Group's Annual Trade Show..”





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