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KC 1185 - 5 printed sets of plans

KC 1185 - 5 printed sets of plans

Equipped with a master bedroom suite, this cottage boasts 3-bedroom/2-bathrooms. The extra bedroom from the core cottage easily converts to a study or sitting room off the master bedroom suite.

The KC can be extended into KC 1807.

Purchase includes 5 builder sets of printed plans and license to build one cottage.

NOTE: You will need to hire a contractor to source materials and construct the cottage. Cost to build will vary depending on the selected materials and local building requirements. Excluding foundation and land, we roughly estimate cost to construct KC 1185 will range between $136,000-$160,000.
  • Details

    Ceiling height:9 feet
    Conditioned living area:1185 square feet
    Overall dimensions
    (including porch):55’ 6” long x 26’ 0” wide
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