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Where can I buy a Katrina Cottage?

Plans for the cottages are available on this site. Plans cost $850, which includes five (5) sets of printed plans and the license to build one home.


Are kit homes or materials packages available?

At this time we are not able to offer kits homes or materials packages.


Are the Katrina Cottages available at Lowe’s?

The cottages are no longer available through Lowe’s.


Do you have a materials list?

We do not have a materials list available at this time.


How much does it cost to build a Katrina Cottage?

Price will vary depending on your local requirements as well as the materials you select, but we roughly estimate the cottages will cost $115-$125 a square foot, excluding land and foundation.


Are the plans engineered?

Plans have been reviewed by a structural engineer, but since local codes and engineering requirements vary, you will need a local professional to review the plans.


Where can I see a Katrina Cottage?

Please see the photos of the cottages here. At this time, we do not have any models available to tour.


How do I find a contractor?

We recommend looking online for reviews of local contractors. Interview three, typically avoid the lowest bid and always ask for references.


Can the plans be modified?

Yes, we are able to make adjustments to the plans. Changes cost $150/hr, billed to an agreed fee cap. If you are interested in changes to the plans, please email us at


Can I return the plans?

All sales are final.




Are homes be available for purchase?

Marianne’s modular designs with Clayton Homes are available for purchase as part of our developer program, starting with a minimum order of 10 units.


How much do the homes cost?

The price of the homes will depend on location as well as final material selections. If you are a developer interested in learning more, please contact us at,


What is included?

The base specification for the homes include: 9’ ceilings, Hardie Board siding, 8’ front door, 42” kitchen cabinets.


Can I have a home delivered to my property?

In the future we hope to offer homes for individuals, but at this time, we are only able to sell to developers.



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